Skunk and Goat Tavern

About HRI

HRI Commercial Food Service brings to you:

  • 40+ years combined experience in the food service industry
  • Award-winning designs
  • Kitchen design engineers

HRI was established by Dr. Daryl Georger and Dr. Richard Heibel in 1999 as an organization dedicated to supplying food service equipment to local customers in Erie, PA.

Our company has grown in the past 20+ years to being able to provide a full line of equipment to customers in the tri-state region, carrying over 300+ food service equipment brands. Our product line has expanded to include not only cooking equipment, but also commercial refrigeration, smallwares, tabletop supplies, restaurant furniture, and much more! Further, HRI offers full commercial kitchen design as well as repair and maintenance services. HRI has a fully staffed team with over 75+ years of food service experience ready to support any customer requests.


Frequently Asked Questions

Let us guide you through our HRI packages and options in a 15-minute session to assist you in finding the perfect package. For a side-by-side package comparison, please refer to this link.

No problem! Upgrading to a higher-tier package is easy, and any payments made will be credited towards the upgrade.

Your journey begins with a 30-60 minute initial meeting led by your assigned Chef Designer. This session is dedicated to understanding your vision and needs, translating them into an initial design. Following this, we’ll reconvene for a real-time collaboration session to refine the design. Based on your chosen package, you’ll have two to three meetings to review and finalize the design. For more details on what each package includes, click here.

Our design timelines vary, with some packages being completed in just 2-4 weeks. Your Chef will keep you informed about the expected timelines and next steps during each meeting.

Communication is through email and text, with the Design Kick-Off and subsequent meetings held over Zoom. This allows for real-time collaboration and adjustments. All designs will be sent to you in PDF format via email.

We aim to design spaces that efficiently fulfill your vision. If you wish to incorporate existing equipment, please bring the necessary details to the initial meeting.

You have the option to buy the required equipment through HRI. After finalizing your design, HRI will provide a comprehensive equipment quote.

Please note, the materials we provide are intended for conceptual and layout purposes only and are not suitable for permits or health inspections, which require documents from licensed professionals.

The documents we provide serve for conceptualization and layout planning only. Any required construction documents must be obtained from professional construction services.

Even if you’re not ready to begin construction, we’re here to help. Our initial discussions will help us tailor our design services to your project’s specific needs.

For additional requirements, we offer a range of services for an extra charge. Discuss these options with your designer.

  • Custom Stainless Steel Shop Drawings and Renderings
  • 2D CAD Files and 3D Visuals
  • Digital 3D Tours